I’m illustrator and map maker Anna Simmons and Cartographic is my online portfolio.
Although I live and work in North Wales, I’m always travelling to new destinations through my work - from Aberaeron and Adelaide to Sri Lanka and San Francisco – setting down at most countries in between. 
I love history, period style and collecting, and use this enthusiasm as I research each map to uncover the unique sense of place, cultural identity and history of every destination. 
Each map I make is an intricately collaged composition of illustration, texture and hand lettering- all populated with tiny little people.

I produce illustrations for a range of international clients, my work appearing in the fields of publishing, editorial, fashion, interiors and advertising. Past clients include The Museums Association, British Airways, Waitrose Kitchen, Pajamas Maison Marcy, Teardrop Hotels, Thames Water and National Geographic Traveller.

Please feel free to get in touch to discuss commissions (or just say hello) at anna@cartographic.org.uk. Limited edition prints and image licensing also available upon request.

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All images © Anna Simmons 2019                           anna@cartographic.org.uk